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We are the first Edutainment company in Brazil, focused on developing amazing content and experiences for our audience, with the aim of teaching and having fun!

Our proposal

Educate for entertainment. At AsteriumLand , our children learn through books, songs, animations and magical experiences. All the contexts of our stories are elaborated through the competences and contents foreseen in the BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular); in addition to being aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals, item 4, Quality Education, and all with a touch of magic and fun!

We work on the development of 21st century skills, such as problem solving, decision making, creativity, logical thinking and strategy, as well as providing development of ethical values in the experiences we provide to children. A bilingual material that stimulates the development of phonological awareness, supported by the expansion of foreign vocabulary and, above all, imagination.


Transform the world through educational entertainment, bringing the best and most incredible experiences to our audience.

MISSAO, asteriumland, empresa, education

Our mission is to combine entertainment and education by creating incredible educational experiences, thus making the learning process a fun game capable of developing socio-emotional, cognitive and psychomotor skills.

MISSAO, asteriumland, empresa, education
  • Creativity

  • Learning

  • Dreams

  • Development

  • adventures

  • ethic

  • Imagination

VALORES, asteriumland, empresa, educatio
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