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The “Magic Ball” Experience aims to  to work on the child's self-knowledge, memory, logical reasoning and observation characteristics, in addition to exploring the vocabulary of objects and toys.

The plot features Johnny and his friends interacting with objects and people, undergoing a challenge. Just as items (EI01EO01) and (EI01EO03) of the BNCC govern - Realizing that your actions have effects on other children and adults, and Interacting with children of the same age group and adults when exploring spaces, materials, objects and toys. 

Vocabulary: objects and toys.

Theme:  generosity.


It is also worth remembering that AsteriumLand's bilingual materials are based on the development of socio- emotional, cognitive and psychomotor skills , using entertainment, technology and sensory stimulation as means to achieve our goal: learning! 


Thank you so much for trusting AsteriumLand!

We will always do our best to serve your child!


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Book - Magic Ball

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