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Asteriumland uses Cookies on its website. Cookies are small files inserted in the internet browser used by you to access the Site, which allow you to recognize your computer or device when you return to it at a later time, serving various purposes such as, for example, providing basic functionality to the User, memorizing preferences and improve your overall experience.


On our Sites we use the following types of Cookies:

Cookies Required

These cookies are essential to provide basic functionality to Users of the AsteriumLand website during their navigation. Such features include, among other cookie preferences according to the User's activity, load balancing and performance, session management and the selection of the preferred language according to the User's region, for example.


Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are used to capture and memorize the User's preferences on the AsteriumLand website, in addition to allowing social interactions, in order to optimize the User's overall experience with greater practicality.


Marketing Cookies

These cookies are used to track advertising effectiveness, provide you with a more relevant service and better advertisements to suit your interests.

Security Cookies

Activate website security features to help monitor and/or detect malicious activities, protecting you and other users' information from access by unauthorized third parties.


Search, Analytics and Performance Cookies

They help to understand the performance of the website, measure the audience, check browsing habits and how you got there (for example: through third-party links, search engines or directly by the address).

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